Episode 22: Greer Garson


MGM star, and serial Academy Award nominee (she won once) Greer Garson spent her radio career performing in adaptations of her own films for Lux Radio Theater. She was also active in on-air wartime fundraising, and performed on variety shows with Edgar Bergen & Charlie McCarthy and Jimmy Durante. This episode of HOTR, which was suggested by a listener, features an episode of Academy Award, in which Garson takes the female lead in a 1946 adaptation of Brief Encounter.

Episode 21: Rita Hayworth

The words Rita Hayworth and radio star don’t seem to quite fit together. Celebrated primarily for her beauty and glamour, Rita Hayworth electrified the motion picture screen. But did she have the personality for a medium without pictures, or even the inclination to perform there? Apparently the answer was yes. Between 1942 and 1947, she is credited with 34 radio appearances, on program ranging from the dramatic Lux Radio Theater and Suspense) to the light-hearted Edgar Bergen. She was also a popular attraction on wartime series, Mail Call and Command Performance. In this episode of HOTR, we hear Rita paying “herself” on the Burns & Allen program from March 21, 1944.

Learn more about Rita’s radio career from this Once Upon a Screen post. The biography I mention in the show intro is If This Was Happiness, by Barbara Leaming.

Episode 20: Judy Garland, part 3

Judy Garland in Drive-In

In the post-war years, Judy Garland appeared on many of the leading radio variety shows, including Bob Hope, Bing Crosby, and The Big Show. She also contributed her time and talnet to charitable and political causes. In this episode, however, we hear one of Judy’s several dramatic performances. From December 1946, it’s an episode of Suspense called “Drive In”.

Episode 19: Judy Garland, part 2

Judy Garland was among the most active film performers on radio during World War II. The war happened to coincide with the height of Garland’s early film success, but she was also an enthusiastic participant in the war effort.

On this episode, you’ll hear Judy play Esther Blodgett, twelve years before her crowning achievement as star of the musical film version of A Star Is Born. You’ll also hear a high-spirited episode of Mail Call, a popular variety show intended to build military morale.

  • “A Star Is Born” Lux Radio Theater, December 28 1942
  • Mail Call, April 11, 1945

Next time, Judy in the post-war years.