Episode 18: Judy Garland, part 1



Long before she made her first MGM film, Judy Garland was known to radio audiences. Shortly after signing with the studio in 1935 (at age 13) Judy began appearing on radio shows sponsored by the studio, and eventually landed regular roles on other variety shows including Jack Oakie’s College, and the Popsodent Show. Her first national radio appearance occurred on October 26, 1935, on MGM’s Shell Chateau program. 
On this episode of HOTR, you’ll songs from three radio programs, and a complete episode of MGM’s Good News, which aired during the run-up to the release of The Wizard of Oz. Today you’ll hear:

  • “Broadway Rhythm”, Shell Charteau, October 26, 1935
  • “Zing”, Shell Chateau, November 16, 1935
  • “FDR Jones”, Pepsodent Show, March 7, 1939
  • Good News of 1939, June 29, 1939

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