Episode 18: Judy Garland, part 1


Long before she made her first MGM film, Judy Garland was known to radio audiences. Shortly after signing with the studio in 1935 (at age 13) Judy began appearing on radio shows sponsored by the studio, and eventually landed regular roles on other variety shows including Jack Oakie’s College, and the Popsodent Show. Her first national radio appearance occurred on October 26, 1935, on MGM’s Shell Chateau program. 
On this episode of HOTR, you’ll songs from three radio programs, and a complete episode of MGM’s Good News, which aired during the run-up to the release of The Wizard of Oz. Today you’ll hear:

  • “Broadway Rhythm”, Shell Charteau, October 26, 1935
  • “Zing”, Shell Chateau, November 16, 1935
  • “FDR Jones”, Pepsodent Show, March 7, 1939
  • Good News of 1939, June 29, 1939

Episode 17: Command Performance

Command Performance was Hollywood’s gift to the men and women serving overseas during World War II. Produced by the US War Department with 100 percent donated labor and facilites, the show featured appearances by performers as requested by servicemen. Each show featured a star MC, musical acts, comedy, and variety. Today’s episode was produced June 30, 1942. Spencer Tracy serves as host, with appearances by Groucho Mrx, Barbara Stanwyck, Victor Borge, and Mary Lee, among others.

Episode 16: Lux part 5, Shane

I’ll be back next week with something other than a Lux episode.

Episode 15, Lux part 4, Body and Soul

John GarfieldIn the fourth in our series of Lux Radio Theater programs, we mov beyond the Cecil B. DeMille years, to the William Keighley era. DeMille left his position as host after nine years, following a dispute with theAmerican Federation of Radio Artists (AFRA). After months of on-air auditions Keighley was named permanent host in November 1945, Keighley was a film director whose credits included; Brother Rat, The Streat With No Name, and  The Man Who Came to Dinner. Today’s episode of Lux, from November 15, 1948, stars John Garfield and Jane Wyman in Body and Soul.