Episode 14, Lux part 3, This Land is Mine


In part 3 of our Lux Radio Theater series, we take a look at Lux during World War II. Like most other radio series of the time, Lux included its share of war stories and other patriotic plays, but never abandoned the series’ focus on the glamorous, and more carefree side of Hollywood. War-themed plays mirrored the fare being offered on the nation’s movie screens, and on at least one occasion in the summer of 1942, Lux handed sponsorship of the show over to the US government, which re-christened the show, The Victory Theater, and used the episode to pitch war bonds. Male stars who had served in the military were welcomed back to the Lux stage with great fanfare, as were women stars who toured army camps stateside and overseas. Episodes during and after the war often featured pitches for war bonds, or human-interest stories about military personnel and civilians involved in the fight.

This week’s episode, from April 24, 1944, is called This Land is Mine. It’s the story of a small town in Europe, and its resistance of the Nazi occupation. The radio show is based on the 1943 film of the same name, which also starred Charles Laughton and Maureen O’Sullivan.


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