Episode 9, Rogue’s Gallery/Richard Diamond Private Detective

Dick Powell began his film career as a juvenile leading man and crooner in musical comedies of the early 1930s. Bored by musicals, Powell remade his image in the 1940s as a hard-boiled film noir hero. His first major noir role was as Philip Marlowe in the 1944 film, Murder, My Sweet. In 1945, Powell began his first radio series, Rogue’s Gallery, playing private eye Richard Rogue. The culmination of Powell’s radio career came in 1949 when he starred as Richard Diamond, Private Detective, in the Blake Edwards-penned series. On today’s show, we hear an episode of each series.

Episode 8, Screen Directors’ Playhouse

carygrantCary Grant takes Joseph Cotten’s role in this Screen Directors’ Playhouse production of Alfred Hitchcock’s Shadow of a Doubt. The 1950 radio adaptation also features Grant’s third wife, actress Betsy Drake. There are at least three other radio adaptation of Shadow, some featuring a member of the original cast.

Episode 7, I Was A Communist For The FBI

Leading man Dana Andrews stars in the syndicated series that chronicles the stylized adventures of FBI undercover man Matt Cvetic. Cvetic worked for the FBI as a Communist Party mole in the 40s, before being fired for erratic behavior. He sold his story to The Saturday Evening Post, and then to Hollywood. Radio actor Frank Lovejoy starred in the film version, which became a cult classic. Taking advantage of the red hysteria of the early 50s, the IWACFTF radio series debuted in 1952 with Andrews as star. Seventy eight episodes were produced between ’52 and ’54.

Episode 6, Casablanca

Hedy LamarrWhat would it have been like if Alan Ladd and Hedy Lamarr had starred in Casablanca, rather than Bogey and Bergman? Find out in this 1944 episode of Lux Radio Theater. Oh, and Hedy’s husband John Loder takes the Paul Henreid part.